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Be Smarter in the Sun
Sunscreen Bands™ monitor damaging
UVA & UVB rays
The process the bands follow when changing color

How Sunscreen Bands Work

Be smarter in the sun!

Sunscreen Bands make it fun and easy to remember to reapply sunscreen and when to get out of the sun or cover up. Our patented color changing technology detects damaging UVA & UVB rays while you work, play and enjoy your time in the sun using your favorite sunscreen. The bands work wet or dry and are ideal for children and adults. You can use any type of sunscreen spf 15 or higher whether it is a cream, spray or lotion.

Prepare for the outdoors

When applying sunscreen and for reapplying sunscreen to your skin, always follow the exact directions for use and application directions that are on your sunscreen label. Before going outside, liberally apply any sunscreen or spray SPF 15 or higher to sun-exposed skin.  

Get out in the sun to activate your band

As soon as you step into the sun, place a Sunscreen Band around your wrist with the printed side up. Your Sunscreen Band will turn Dark Purple within a minute. This means that the band is now activated by the sun it is monitoring both UVA & UVB exposure. When the band turns dark purple, apply your sunscreen to the band and let the band dry for 15 minutes before getting the band wet. This allows the first application of sunscreen to properly dry on the band.

Reapply Reminder when the band turns lavender

As you stay in the sun, the band will gradually change color from Dark Purple to light purple. When the band turns light purple in color, this is your reminder to reapply sunscreen to your skin and to the band. Check your sunscreen label directions for reapplying sunscreen and follow the exact directions on the label.   

Know when to get out of the sun

When any part of your Sunscreen Band turns cream(light-yellow), it’s time to get out of the sun or cover sun-exposed skin. You have reached your maximum sun exposure for the day based on the SPF of your sunscreen. Once the band turns to a cream color, the band has completed its monitoring exposure for the day and will not monitor any more. You can dispose of the band by placing it in a recycling bin as the bands material is safe to recycle.

Use one Sunscreen Band each day for all-day UV protection

If you decide to go indoors at any point, you can use the same band all day even if you return outdoors. Your Sunscreen Band is calibrated to monitor total sun exposure for one day, so you only need to use one band per day. The bands work when dry or wet, including in saltwater and pool (chlorinated) water.

UV intensity is measured in MED’s (Minimal Erythema Dose). MED is a dosage. 1 MED is sunburn. It is the dosage amount of UV radiation that causes sunburn from sun exposure. MED can vary depending on location. On a July sunny day in Florida, UV can be generating 3 - 4 MED’s per hour. On that same day and time on a sunny day in New York, the MED’s will be closer to 1 – 3 MED’s per hour.

UV Sunscreen bands measure UV/MED’s anywhere and anytime regardless of the temperature, time or location. Sunscreen Bands will change color faster in areas where MED’s are stronger per hour. When the bands get to the final off white/light yellow color, that means a persons skin has been exposed to 8 MED’s for the day. They should get out of the sun because 8 MED’s is the maximum daily sun exposure a person should have even when wearing sunscreen.


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