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Be Smarter in the Sun
Sunscreen Bands™ monitor damaging
UVA & UVB rays

Sunscreen Tips to Keep You Protected

We don't apply sunscreen when we should. According to a recently released study, about half of us don’t take the proper steps to protect our skin when we’re outside. We don’t apply it when we should, we don’t apply enough and/or we don’t buy the right type of sunscreen for our skin. While Sunscreen Bands help you stay protected from damaging UV rays, they can only do their job if you apply the right sunscreen for your skin correctly. 

The information in this section can help make sure you’re properly protected every time you go out in the sun. By really understanding how sunscreen works and how it needs to be applied, you can correctly protect your skin to ensure you have healthy skin for a lifetime. 

How to Apply Sunscreen

It may seem like common sense, but do you really know how to apply sunscreen properly to keep your skin fully protected? Proper sunscreen application is key to making sure your skin doesn’t get damaged by harmful UV rays. Learn the ins and outs of applying sunscreen correctly, so every inch of your skin can be healthy, happy and damage-free.

Do you know how to apply sunscreen correctly?

Sunscreen Ingredients

If you’re concerned about what’s actually in the sunscreen you put on your skin, you’re not alone. Learn how to avoid sunscreens that can irritate certain skin types, how to decode the complex names of most active ingredients and how to find natural and organic sunscreens if you need an alternative type of sun protection.

Understanding sunscreen ingredients

Finding the Best Sunscreen for Your Skin

Even if you know exactly what level of protection you need and what ingredients you need to avoid, there are still so many options of what to buy. So how do you choose one SPF 30, waterproof, PABA-free sunscreen from another? Get tips to help you decide which brand of sunscreen is best for you.

Choosing the right brand of sunscreen

Sun Protective Clothing

Sun protection doesn’t stop with sunscreen and a Sunscreen Band. In some cases, particularly for children and infants, you need to get extra protection from your clothes. Learn how sun protective clothing works and how to understand UPF ratings so you can choose the right clothes when you need to cover up.

Using sun protective clothing

Travel Sunscreen

UV rays don’t take a vacation so neither can you when it comes to keeping your skin as protected as possible in the sun. Find tips to help you stay protected when you’re away from home, so you can avoid skin damage no matter where you are in the world.

Find sunscreen travel tips

Does Sunscreen Expire?

Sunscreen is only effective if the active ingredients haven’t gone beyond their shelf life. Learn how to judge if your sunscreen is expired, even if it doesn’t provide an expiration date on the bottle.  With this information, you can avoid wasting your time applying sunscreen that won’t actually protect your skin.

Learn how to determine if sunscreen is expired